When I first created my Elixir Phoenix project, I immediately noticed the wide use of alias, import, and use. While trying to understand the preexisting code, it led me to feel quite confused. Here’s a brief summary of what I learned, although for more information see the documentation


alias should be used when you want to reference a module by a different name. In the case of my EbayClone app, all my modules start with the app name - EbayClone. If I wanted to refer to EbayClone.User as User. There’s two ways to do this. The first way is write alias EbayClone.User, as: User or if you leave out as: it automatically sets the alias name to the last part of the module name. So, alias EbayClone.User as: User is the same as alias EbayClone.User. Now a function call becomes User.changeset instead of EbayClone.User.changeset


This will import all functions and macros into the current module, so a function call does not have to be prefixed with the module name. For example, I have a module called EbayClone.ItemCase with a function create_item/5 if I import EbayClone.ItemCase into my current module then my function call will just become create_item instead of EbayClone.ItemCase.create_item. import also allows you to choose if you only want certain functions to be loaded.


use will call the macro __using__/1 and will put code into the module you are calling it from. Here’s an example from the EbayClone.ConnCase which is a standard file that is generated when you create a new Phoenix app.

  using do
    quote do
      # Import conveniences for testing with connections
      use Phoenix.ConnTest

      alias EbayClone.Repo
      import Ecto
      import Ecto.Changeset
      import Ecto.Query

      import EbayClone.Router.Helpers

      # The default endpoint for testing
      @endpoint EbayClone.Endpoint

As you can see using in turn calls alias, import, and use. So this creates creates aliases or imports in the whatever module is calling use EbayClone.ConnCase. The main advantage of this is that it cuts down on the excessive and repetitive use of aliasing and importing calls in modules. For example, any module that I call use EbayClone.ConnCase I no longer have to alias EbayClone.Repo or import functions from Ecto.Query, this is already available.

These are a few of the most common ways I came across for loading files in Phoenix. Although it is something that frequently used across all Elixir code.